The Gym Jones Man of Steel Mass Gain program has begun (I am actually on Day 5). The training is based on the program put together by Mark Twight to train Henry Cavill for his role as Superman – Man of Steel.

It is an 8 week program focused on adding muscle mass. In talking with Rob Macdonald my program is going to be a bit of a hybrid, rather than focusing on pure mass which would likely add some fat with the muscle (common) we are going to try a “slow muscle mass gain” attempting to add 5-10 pounds of muscle mass over 8 weeks while attempting to keep the body fat down as much as possible. We’ll see how it goes, should be a fun challenge.

Beginning weight: 151 Pounds
Body fat: Around 8ish % I am guessing 8ish because my Withings scale had me at 13% today and I know based on calibrating with an actual skin caliper test a few months ago that it is about 5% high.

There are actually two Man of Steel programs developed by Mark; A Prep phase, and a Mass phase.  For those that aren’t used to the volume and can’t meet the standards they should complete the prep phase first, then go into the mass phase.

I’ll be posting bits and pieces about the program and how I am progressing over the next 8 weeks.  If you want the full program and the knowledge behind how a program like this is put together consider getting a Gym Jones Salvation site membership, it is well worth the value.