The Push Up Grid was introduced to me by Rob MacDonald of Gym Jones. On the surface it looks like a sophisticated training tool that requires a lot of explanation, in reality the Push Up Grid is just a fun little game that mentally encourages you to do more work.

It’s a known fact that once you write something down you are more likely to commit to what you wrote. In this case you are committing to do a bunch of push ups. The game part of it is that you get to choose how you fill out the grid.

It’s easy, you just draw a grid on a piece of paper and start doing sets of push ups. Every time you stop performing a push up you write that total number performed in the grid. You do a set of 10 push ups, write that in the grid. You then do a set of 12 push ups, write that in the grid. You get the point. You can do this grid work with any type of movement; squats, pull ups, sit ups, etc.

I was traveling a few days ago and  was stuck in the airport with a long layover. We all know training is a challenge when traveling. You are out of your element, probably don’t have access to your regular workout gear, and given your schedule it may be tough to fit in a normal workout. It’s important to make the best use of your time whenever you can. So rather than sit around and check email, read, or nap I decided to do a Push Up Grid. I got a few odd looks from people sitting around, but hey who cares I’m getting some training done while they are sitting in their chair eating airport fast food. Who is winning here? This guy.

I cranked out about 300 push ups in less than an hour.

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